What is photography. The begin a series of posts about photography

Sunset over the Baltic Sea seen through silhouetted pines trees at Jurmala, Latvia.
Sunset over the Baltic Sea seen through silhouetted pines trees at Jurmala, Latvia. *Purchase a licenses of high-quality images*

As already mentioned in the previous blog post, I start a series of posts about the photography. As you already know, I have been doing photography since 1985. All these years photography was very important in my life. Now I want to share my knowledge and my experience.

In every new post about photography I will publish samples of photos from my collection. If you will like my images you will can purchase the licenses for my hight quality images on this site. You can comment on my posts and ask questions. I will try to answer them here.

First question, what is photography. Photography is a means of capturing the picture of life or nature. Photographs can capture the genre scene, the moment of action developing in time, an interesting event, a fast-moving process and much more. Photography has found wide distribution among amateurs of image.

As you understand photography this is a very convenient and common kind of art. Because this kind of art is very common, there will always be a person who will give advice. True, this lightness is only seems. Getting a simple and template shot, which is a copy of the original, is really quite easy. Because in our days a lot of different photo cameras, which are well can make photography in automatic mode.

Get a good and even artistic picture is not so simple. Not all cases, when even the most expensive photo camera can make well photography in automatic mode. Moreover, professional cameras are intended for professional photographers. Already the destination itself says that photographic equipment for a professional. Manufacturers of photographic equipment compete between themselves and offer the world a very large variety of their products.

How do I get a good photo? It is obvious that, first, it is necessary to study each paragraph in the photographic process. First, of course you need to start by studying the device of the photographic apparatus. Be sure to study the user manual of the camera itself, which you will receive with a photo camera that you buy. From this always begins the acquaintance of the amateur with the photograph. Then the process of studying the acquisition of a photographic snapshot begins.

We will be thinking that you have already studied the user manual of photographic equipment. Now in the hands of an amateur of photography is a camera, which its owner already knows how to manage. There are many questions, which you will need to answer before the first photo shoot. You did not buy a photo camera in order to boast it before your friend or neighbor. You need to think that you want to learn how to take pictures so that your photos are not embarrassing to show your friends. It’s minimum. You need to think about the fact that your photos can be sold. Then you hobby can turn into your earnings.

How do I start taking pictures? As already written, you will have many questions. How do I choose the direction of shooting and the height of the camera? At what distance is the camera installed from the subject? What do I should be guided? What should be included in the angle of view of the lens? Where will the boundaries of the frame go? Well, of course, very important is post-processing. A digital photo without post-processing is not interesting. I especially like fine art photography. Fine art photography without post-processing is impossible.

Beautiful autumn forest Landscape in Lithuania. View to green meadow with bright and colorful forest trees on blue sky and river background. The sun's rays penetrate through the trees.
Beautiful autumn forest Landscape in Lithuania. View to green meadow with bright and colorful forest trees on blue sky and river background. The sun’s rays penetrate through the trees. *Purchase a licenses of high-quality images*

In my future articles, I will try to answer these questions. I will tell you about the technique of focusing, on sharpness, about the exposure, which plays an important role in the formation of a photographic image, about the use of light filters.

In my blog in subsequent posts, I will try to give you my dreams about every paragraph in the photographic process. I will not describe the photographic equipment itself, because I think it does not make sense. Manufacturers of equipment provide good descriptions of their products. Nevertheless, there is a very large variety on global market of photography equipment, and it is useless to consider each model separately.

Since this is an introductory article, here I will not touch on the specific features of photography. I will think that you have already bought a photo camera and have studied the user’s manual. Mastering the technique is an important point, the first and necessary step towards acquiring fine art. However, the only knowledge of only the technique of photography is not enough to get the perfect picture. It is necessary to know the laws of the composite construction of the image, the laws of solving the photograph as a complete photographic picture.

Knowledge of the basics of photocomposition is required when constructing a good frame. About which I also try to tell in my future articles. In addition, the expressive possibilities of photography and the creative techniques of constructing a photograph are very important. These techniques provide an opportunity to achieve a truthful, lively and dynamic photographic image. Try to make а clear, expressive and memorable picture, and sometimes an artistic picture of nature and human life.

Very important in photography, visual means is the light and lighting of the subject. The photographic image arises because of the action of light energy on the light-sensitive matrix of the camera. Only having these all the above knowledge and practical skills, you will be able to make good photographs.

Practical skills are also mandatory, because in the process of photographing you will have no time to read my blog. You will need to catch the moment and make a frame in time. However, skills pass with time. Because even after studying all the subtleties of photography, you will need to train constantly. That is, you will need to take photos whenever possible every day.

Thus, the purpose of this article is to acquaint you with the basics of photography. I wanted to answer the question – what is photography. I want in advance to interest you in my articles, which I will write in the quick future. In my posts, I will try to introduce in detail with the technique of photography, the basics of composition and lighting in photography.

It would be interesting to know your thoughts about this article. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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What is photography. The begin a series of posts about photography
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What is photography. The begin a series of posts about photography
What is photography. The begin a series of posts about photography
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