How to Choose the Height of Photographing

Portrait of russian blue cat with beautiful eyes.
Portrait of russian blue cat with beautiful eyes. *Purchase a licenses of high-quality images*

If you are reading this article, then probably that you already have a photo camera. Your goal now is to learn how to make beautiful photos. Maybe you already tried to take pictures when did you read an article in which I wrote about distance to the subject in photography. Now I want to explain how to choose the right height for taking pictures. The visual solution of a photograph largely depends on the choice of the height of the photographing point. You need to know from what height to take pictures.

How to choose the point of taking picture

The point at which you look at the photo subject is of different heights. The points of photo shooting are also different. You can view on the photo subject from normal height. You can look from the top. You can also look from the bottom when you take a picture in photography. The photo shooting point from which you can take pictures a photo subject can be normal height.

In addition, the point of take a pictures can upper when the photo subject photographed from the top. You can take pictures from the bottom. Such a photo shooting point is low. The most common in the photography are the points, the height of which roughly corresponds to the level of the eye of a person standing.

In life, people often look from the height of a standing person. So also in photography – most often pictures taken from normal height. Such photographs give the image of the object of photography that is customary for the human eye.

The perspective of the image in these cases also turns out to be familiar to the eye. Picture taken from a normal height photo shooting point are without distortion. The lower and upper parts of the photo subject are without distortion also. The portrait and architectural photography often photograph from normal height points of photo shooting.

Well-known to the person photographic subjects and habitual architectural forms should not have distortions on a photo. For example, photographing a portrait from the bottom, leads to an exaggeration of the lower part of the face. On the photograph, a massive chin appears and a disproportionately narrow forehead.

The upper point, on the contrary, increases the upper part of the face on the photograph. The correct proportions of the face are changed. Distortion of facial forms in a photograph not allowed. Therefore, the top and bottom photo shooting points in portrait photography are rarely used.

How to take pictures of buildings

Suppose you need to take a picture of the building. The lower and upper points in the photography of architecture give an unusual and uncommon perspective picture of the image. So if you like to experiment – take pictures on both options – from bottom and from top. When photographing from below in a photograph, the vertical lines are converging.

Verticals on a photo subject run parallel to each other. However, on the photo they try to converge at one point, which is at the top of the photograph or beyond the upper border of the image. When photographing from above, the vertical lines diverge into photograph. The vertical line in the picture tends to disperse into the different sides at the top of the photo.

When you take pictures from the bottom, the lower part of the image zoomed in. When you take pictures from above, the upper part of the image zoomed in. The photographer most often forced to shoot the architecture from below, because the photo camera installed on the ground.

The photo camera in photographing of architecture is installing on the pavement or sidewalk, in front of the building, which has a significant height. How do avoid undesirable distortions of the usual architectural forms? First is recommending taking pictures with a camera lens, which have a longer focal length.

The camera lens with a longer focal length allows you to obtain the desired image scale when taking pictures from distant points of photo shooting.

Landscape with a field of young wheat and wind power station on a background of clouds
Landscape with a field of young wheat and wind power station on a background of clouds. *Purchase a licenses of high-quality images*

Using a camera lens, which has a longer focal length, we can increase the distance from the point of taking pictures to the photo subject. This reduces or even eliminates altogether promising descents of the vertical lines in a photograph.

Photographing from nearby points of photo shooting generates perspective vertical lines because in these cases the photographer has to give the camera some upward slope. In another case, the angle of the image of the camera lens does not cover the entire photo object as a whole and its top cut off.

When you photo shooting at close range, photography takes place at a certain angle this done to cover the entire building on photograph. When photographing at the angle, nonparallel vertical lines formed on the plane of the building.

So far, I have written about using normal points of photo shooting. I wrote about how to avoid distortions that occur when photo shooting is from the top or bottom. However, this does not mean that you should avoid the lower and upper points of photo shooting altogether. They are also applicable in photography practice. In which cases such points of photo shooting can give a good visual result, I will now tell.

How to Use Lower and Upper Points of Photo Shooting

If you like to experiment, and want to receive interesting and unusual pictures, then the top and bottom points of photo shooting can used. If you are still a beginner in photography, then it is better not photo shooting an order but if your photo works is already known and you are professional photographer, then of course the customer knows what to expect from you.

However, if you were a professional photographer, I would not dare to teach you. However, if you are a beginner – then read on. Taking pictures from the top or from the bottom, you get a somewhat unusual looking picture. If the lower or the upper point of photography used quite consciously, as a thoughtful creative technique, then this gives a certain pictorial result.

If you photo shooting from the top, then the photo gives an opportunity to show for the viewer a view above. At the top point of photo shooting, for viewer as having no significant height estimates foreground objects they seem to lowered pressed to the ground.

This feature of the upper angles used to solve conceived tasks. When you knowingly so decide for theme of their future photos. After all, you came up with this theme yourself. Therefore, you solve it. Therefore, it will be correct. Do not be afraid to get out of stereotypes.

The remote top points of photo shooting contribute to the expressive display of large spaces and areas on a photograph. In such photographs, you will see clear lines that outgoing from the foreground to the depth. From a distant point of photo, shooting you can also show the location of figures and objects in space. These capabilities of the top points of photo shooting are widely used in photography practice.

Photographs taken from the top or bottom points of photo shooting always have underlined perspective lines that go in the direction from the photographing point to the depth of the photo frame. Such photo shooting is one of the most powerful pictorial means of photography. If you use it skillfully, it will give an interesting and expressive result.

Beautiful bright autumn tree with colorful leaves on blue sky background in Lithuania. View from the bottom to the top.
Beautiful bright autumn tree with colorful leaves on blue sky background in Lithuania. View from the bottom to the top. *Purchase a licenses of high-quality images*

An unusual perspective drawing of a photographic image when photographing from the top or bottom always requires an accurate justification of the content, of the selected topic. If the top or bottom point of photo shooting is used poorly thought out, without connection to the content, then the unusualness of the perspective pattern perceived as a direct distortion of the real forms of the subject of photo shooting.

A photography as active expressive means of art turns into a formal technique for building a photo frame. Therefore, always consider the subject of your photo. Think about what you want to show the viewer in your picture before taking a photo. Think twice or more times about the composition of the future photo.

Then make one good and artistic photo shot. It is better than ten, which are of no interesting to anyone. If you take a picture, that definitely has a purpose. After all, you reading this article to avoid mistakes and make beautiful photos.

When the height of the point of photo shooting changed the position of the horizon line in the photo also changes. This is essential for the overall composition of the snapshot. Therefore, the position of the horizon line in the viewfinder of the camera should accurately establish when photographing.

Normal points of the height of photo shooting lead to the fact that the horizon line passes exactly in the middle of the photo frame. This line divides the photo into two equal parts. Such a picture may lose its compositional unity. The photo splits into two separate and unrelated parts on the top and the bottom. The composition of the photographic image does not look correct although there are exceptions to the rules, if you know what you are doing.

When the point of photo shooting is low, the horizon line drops down. It happens that the horizon line goes of the frame. Then the photo objects located in the foreground projected against the background of the sky or tall buildings, trees and so on.

The viewer who views the image cannot understand the height of objects in the foreground and at the distance. The viewer assesses the foreground objects as high, large, significant, if they are not actually such. This feature of photographing from the bottom point can use in some cases as a creative technique.

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